How Titans Began

Club Doncaster Titans was founded back in 2014 by our current Chairman and Manager Darren Warner. Darren’s quest started in 2006 when searching for a football club for his autistic son Jordan then aged 16, who had just started to show an interest in wanting to play football.

It was then a few years later after trying two different disability football clubs and several mainstream football clubs in the area that Darren decided to sign up for a Level 1 in coaching football course with the FA. This would then enable Darren to create a club himself from scratch that would not only be able to accommodate his son and his friends but any player with a disability or mental health condition in the Doncaster area.

In February of 2014, Darren completed his level 1 and was able to launch the then called “Doncaster Titans” on the 7th June with just 8 players. Since then the club has gone through some major transitions and gone from strength to strength, joining forces with “Club Doncaster” in 2016 to create the club as it’s known today “Club Doncaster Titans”. The club now has over 100 players starting from as young as 5 years old.

What do we do?

The formation of Ability Counts was one of the key objectives of the FA’s strategy for developing football for disabled people. We are fully committed to supporting any player disabled or non-disabled or those who suffer from any type or degree of mental health and there are a number of ways that players can enjoy football with us. Whether it is just turn up and play, participating in regular, structured, fun professional training sessions or joining our registered players and compete in leagues and various tournaments nationwide against other players with the same disabilities/impairments.

Our sessions aim to increase confidence, self-belief, physical fitness and health and well-being, we also offer the chance for any players any age to follow their own development pathway. 

In the words of our chairman Darren Warner, “With just 8 players we started at Balby Carr in June of 2014 – in a short space of time we had 3 adult teams and 2 junior teams. “Our growth meant that we would need a new home to accommodate what we had to offer. With this in mind we met up with the local pro club Doncaster Rovers to forge a partnership which would aid both parties and help each other in offering an inclusive opportunity with the community.”

“Since then we have grown to have 4 adult ability counts teams, 3 junior ability counts teams and 2 inclusive 11 a side teams, also forging strong relationships with the NHS through RDASH and Cheswold Park Hospital to offer a physical activity for those who suffer from any type or degree of mental health. Our aim is to continue this growth by keeping to our philosophy and offering the opportunity to anyone who wishes to play the beautiful game, bringing true meaning to For All.”

Who are we?

  • We are a Charter Standard club that believes in equality.
  • In 2017 we achieved Special Olympics accrediation
  • We are a club for any beginner, disabled or non-disabled who wants to learn how to play football, focusing on player development.
  • We are affiliated with the Sheffield & Hallamshire county FA.
  • We are registered with the South Yorkshire Ability Counts League for adult players
  • We are registered with the Sheffield & District Junior Football League Ability Counts Division for junior players.
  • You can view our Club Constitution by clicking here.

Leagues & Tournaments We Compete in

Junior Mixed Ability Counts League Football 5 a side
The Sheffield & District Junior Sunday Football league host the junior disability fixtures. Which are split in to two categories Under 12’s and Under 16’s. The season is split in to two competitions, One which runs from September through to December and one which runs from February through to May. Both having fixtures played at several venues around Yorkshire once per month, normally the first or second Saturday.

Adult Mixed Ability Counts League Football 5 & 7 a side
The South Yorkshire Ability Counts League is an adult Pan-Disability league that runs six divisions: Three at 7 a side for Premiership, Championship and League 1 and Three at 5 a side for Premiership, Championship and League 1. Each division being based on a players ability and understanding of playing football. Fixtures in this league take place approximately once per month with the 7 a side being on the second Sunday of the month and the 5 a side being on the third Sunday of the month during the season which runs from September through to April.

Adult Mixed Ability Counts Football Tournaments 5, 7 & 11 a side
Our teams compete in fun 5, 7 & 11 a side tournaments nationwide throughout the summer and these tournaments are a great chance for everyone to mix teams and try themselves at higher levels whilst still playing competitive football.

Adult Male Inclusive 11 a side Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA Flourish League
This is an Inclusive league run by the county FA that helps us offer an 11 a side football option mixing mainstream players with those with a disability to give a full 11 a side football experience. These matches take place approximately once per month during the season which runs from September through to May.