Rest in peace Darren

Club Doncaster Titans was founded in 2014 by the late and great Darren Warner. Darren set out with a cause and vision for a football club accessible to everyone. Darren put his heart and soul into Club Doncaster Titans and helped us grow to accommodate a wide number of participants of varying abilities and needs. Not only this but Darren also created a club with family at its heart. A club that stands by the phrase “One big family” and shows it week in week out come rain or shine.

Darren was a loving husband and father, it was ultimately this strong family ethos that Darren had that lead him to found the titans and make football accessible to so many disadvantaged individuals. Darren really did care for each and every player and staff member at the club.

Darren worked day and night and gave so much energy, charisma and dedication to run the club he was so passionate about. From trips away to tournaments and games to promoting the club and recruiting new participants Darren worked tirelessly and consistently to put club Doncaster titans on the map. A club that I can easily speak on behalf of all our members are so grateful for and so proud to be a part of.

Darren was highly regarded and respected not only by all here at Club Doncaster Titans but much further a field also. Not a day passes that we don’t remember him fondly. Darren will be missed by us all and never forgotten by all the Titans, the legacy that he put into motion will continue to grow with his vision kept at the heart of all that we do moving forward.

On behalf of all connected with Club Doncaster titans, Thank you so very much Darren, you are the epitome of a true legend, you’ve changed the world to something far better for so many people. Rest in peace “Gaffer” with love from your Titans family.